LOU.EARL is a women’s modern luxury footwear brand that was founded in 2014 by experienced shoe designer and developer, Laura Unruh. 

We have dedicated every effort to creating and maintaining a forward thinking footwear brand that will not sacrifice quality, originality or integrity. 

The unique vision within LOU.EARL not only consists of an enriching and creative work/life experience but with consistent growth of the brand, we strive to build a platform that adheres to limitless boundaries and rules. Consciousness and creative building with a "do-right" mindset is the core philosophy of the brand.
As of Spring 2019, our high-quality footwear is now manufactured at a family-owned and operated factory in Northern Italy.  The footwear styles and components are 100% made in Italy of the highest materials and standards with lots of love.

stay cool. be original. xo