Designer Laura Unruh kickboxing for non-profit footwear organization Soles4Souls at Classic Kickboxing in Pasadena, California

A Happy Accident

Thank you Kevin Hart! At the start of the holidays in 2020, I received an increase of traffic to my website from people searching the term, "Lefty ...

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black and white lace up oxford shoes with a pointy toe for women

Made in Italy

LOU.EARL shoes are now 100% made in Italy!! As the designer and founder of my women's fashion shoe brand LOU.EARL, I am so excited to have finally ...

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woman with fedora hat over her eyes wearing peg legged denim and black leather jacket styled in Lou Earl black pointed leather flat shoes


Why, hello there. It looks like you've just stumbled upon our very first journal entry.  On this portion of our website you'll find what inspires...

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