LOU.EARL shoes are now 100% made in Italy. 
What does this mean for our loyal customers?
Made in Italy means:
  • Higher and more consistent quality
  • Footwear that will last you for years
  • Stable and ethical manufacturing practices
  • Unique design
  • Cooperative collaboration with like minds
We decided to move forward with 100% made in Italy because LOU.EARL designer and founder has always had a deep passion for Italy and it's craftsmanship.  Supporting ethical and sustainable footwear manufacturing is extremely important to her and what the brand is founded on. By purchasing LOU.EARL footwear, you are supporting a centuries-long Italian craft and the beautiful family-owned and operated factory we work with. You're also recognizing and funding a women-run business which is something that has taken LOU.EARL designer and founder Laura Unruh much time, determination, and perseverance to achieve.
100% made in Italy means that all of our footwear components are Italian-made. That means that something as seemingly simple as outsole development or strap decoration is actually extremely complicated and requires time, precision, planning, strategy and overcoming challenges. Many companies who claim their shoes are "Made in Italy" are in fact only finished in Italy. Components such as outsoles, shanks or other materials will be imported from China or other low-labor cost countries and then exported to Italy where they will complete the manufacturing of the shoes. 
Learning from, working with, and being included with generations of the best talent and shoemakers in the world is a top priority in order to produce footwear that we are proud of. We strive to maintain our high standards while keeping our prices fair. 
Thank you for your support.
-Laura Unruh